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What is your Competitive Intelligence use case?

More than ever, Competitive Intelligence is crucial to improve the quality of companies’ decision making.

Technology helps automate some of the basic insights detection, allowing CI practitioners to focus their effort and time on translating these insights into business strategic recommendations that the stakeholders need.

During our latest webinar on “How to harness new technology to improve your competitive monitoring”, our insight expert Clare detailed how to identify your competitive intelligence use case before turning to the right technology. 

Watch the 2min recap video:

HubSpot Video


As explained during the session, the four CI use case categories as the ones below:

Market intelligence:

Here, the use case centres around a need to track market developments: follow market trends, compare market size and forecasts, understand complex market dynamics - how much is it going to grow and where are the opportunities.

Company intelligence:

This use case is for objectives that look to monitor the competitive environment 24-7 and decrypt company strategies: product launch, expansion plan, new partnerships, M&A…

Sales Intelligence:

It is more tactical and applies when you are focused on spotting business opportunities before anyone else. The goal is often to help sales teams identify potential businesses and increase win rates in general.

Tech intelligence:

It focuses on tracking innovation: what are the trends, what are the emerging concepts, emerging new technologies and how to anticipate potential disruption in your marketplace.

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