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Track insights from multiple sources

Our AI is trained to track critical insights from millions of open source reports and articles, from proprietary data and from your own sources.

A unique index...

Tap into a unique index of 10 millions of public and premium sources, updated in real time

  • Market reports from premium publishers
  • Industry news sources across 20 verticals
  • Trade publications
  • Government, regulators, and central bank publications
  • Statistic and economic agencies
  • Company Filings such as Annual and quarterly reports, investor presentation, 10-K, 10-Q ...
  • Company press releases and announcements
Companies Detection

...completed by our proprietary database

Track companies from a unique database of global public and private corporates

  • 6 million global corporates tracked daily
  • new companies added continuously, detected by our AI (start-ups, new entrants, JV etc…)

...and by your own sources

Add your own sources and apply the power of our trained algorithms to all your content

  • 3rd Party providers
  • Internal documents
  • Emails
  • CRM
  • ...
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