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How IDC uses ReportLinker to find info that they never knew existed

About the context

The Company’s mission

The Industrial Development Corporation is a national development finance institution owned by the South African Government.

It promotes entrepreneurship by co-funding various projects all over Africa in diverse industries including agriculture, tourism, mining, automotive, energy, entertainment etc…

The corporation's role is to provide information to enable the Corporation to make critical business decisions.

Their Challenge

The (IDC) InfoCentre’s challenge is to find relevant and up to date information so that the IDC can fund the right projects and companies.

The Solution

With ReportLinker AI platform, the information experts can have a complete understanding of a market whether it is its size, the potential threats and opportunities, the current and upcoming trends, import and exports, who the major players are, the market shares of a specific company and so on.

Bongi Biyela (Information Centre Manager at IDC) and Susan Pretorius (Information Specialist at IDC) shared their experience with ReportLinker. 

How does ReportLinker help you overcome your challenges?

“Not knowing what is available and relevant is challenging, but ReportLinker helps us find information that we never knew existed” says Bongi

Susan adds:
“I always need data on very niche industries, I don't even know where to start as the majority of the information and reports available are academic and out of date.“

I need to know what happened yesterday, what is happening today, what is going to happen next year and 10 years from now. I need a complete picture. 

Susan Pretorius - Information Specialist

“For example, when it comes to the mining industry, which is constantly evolving, going up and down, information published 6 months ago is already too old and obsolete for us to rely on.”

ReportLinker Platform brings them the solution “We can really see ReportLinker’s AI indexing in action” “We have noticed a big difference since starting using ReportLinker” Bongi says.

How does ReportLinker help discover critical information?

We are now able to discover critical information such as the production data of a company, the market size, industry forecasts, certain information that can be a deal maker or breaker for a client... 

Bongi Biyela - Information Centre Manager

“The previewing of the document allows us to spot immediately if the information is relevant to us or not and this is a game changer. It helps us save a lot of time during our search. It is fantastic.”

“Most importantly, it is easy to navigate the platform and access business news, on top of the smart insight tracker that we can filter by type of report, industry, country, date etc… ReportLinker takes us exactly to the information we need, it is impressive as we can really see the AI indexing in action.”

What’s your relation with ReportLinker’s team?

“We are always happy to participate in demos when new features are being developed. Clare (ReportLinker’s Global Business Development Manager) refers us to an analyst if we ever need additional help. Their customer service is excellent, and they go the extra mile to help us find exactly what we are looking for.


Thank you to Bongi and Susan who took some time to answer our questions!

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