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Innovation intelligence is the top priority for organisations in 2022

C-level professionals understand more than ever how critical it is to invest in intelligence to keep up with their market’s evolutions and improve organizational performance.

This has been demonstrated by a recent poll conducted by ReportLinker which reveals that if given the opportunity, 35 % of them would invest more in innovation intelligence in 2022.

Market intelligence comes next with 28%, followed by competitive intelligence (25%) and 12% confirmed they would focus their investment on sales intelligence in 2022.


Before conducting the poll, ReportLinker organised a webinar on “The state of the art of Competitive intelligence in 2022“. During the session, CI experts Luis Madureira and Clare Eggar taught participants how to :

  • Understand the full scope of the CI practice in 2022
  • Identify key technologies and processes for efficient CI implementation
  • Anticipate the future of CI for your organization

Click here to watch the replay.

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