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ReportLinker launches Data Connect

Connecting data that matters

ReportLinker provides AI driven market intelligence solutions that automate insights discovery from large amounts of data, coming from various data sources.

But when searching for insights, the prevalence of data siloes prevents organizations from realizing the full potential of their data, obscuring insights, impacting innovation, and limiting productivity.

That’s why ReportLinker has launched Data Connect!

Add any data feed—internal or external—to ReportLinker

Data Connect enables you to choose any internal and external data source, connect it to ReportLinker, and use the
AI-powered Smart Insights feature to find the information you need.

For example, you can import your own internally generated documents (stored in Google Workspace, Microsoft Office 365, or any other cloud storage service), use feeds to regularly access news and industry updates, or configure a custom crawl to scrape content from any public website to create a shared information pool tailored to the specific needs of your organization.

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Data Connect enables you to plug your own content into the AI-powered ReportLinker platform

Eliminating data siloes and enriching your data, ReportLinker Data Connect converges intelligent data flows, preparation, and cataloguing, making it easier for you and your colleagues to connect, discover, analyse, and trust your data. It provides a single, powerful tool for searching and discovering actionable information.

Drive innovation and growth with internal and third-party insights

ReportLinker’s industry-leading, multilingual AI-based market intelligence simplifies the discovery of actionable
insights at the right time by ensuring all relevant information is available to all users for indepth research and

In addition, by including internal and customized data feeds, Data Connect offers instant access to a much
deeper pool of internally-generated and third-party articles, documents, media, reports, studies, and statistics,
enabling you to:

  • Take advantage of AI-powered trackers to spot insights coming from any source
  • Gather all internal and external content in a single repository
  • Replace intra-company data siloes with a common platform for company-wide shared insights

The bottom line

Eliminating data siloes and providing easy access to internal and external insights derived from almost any source,
Data Connect adds personalization capabilities to ReportLinker for driving innovation and business growth.

Combining vast amounts of information—published internally and externally in multiple languages—with intelligent,
AI-based search and translation tools, ReportLinker delivers up-to-date, indepth insights for better, more-informed
decision making.

RLK AI et Data Connect


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