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The Intelligence Gap

During our latest webinar on “The state of the art of Competitive intelligence in 2022“, CI expert, Founder and Managing Partner at UBERBRANDSCI, Luis Madureira, demonstrated the depth of the intelligence gap and the consequences on organizations and CEOS.

Watch the 3 min recap video:

HubSpot Video


As explained during the session, between 2009 and 2019, the gap between the critically important information that CEOs and top management needed, and what was actually delivered remained the same in all areas : customer, financial, brand and reputation, risk or threats, employee benchmarking, research, development and innovation.

This gap didn’t reduce in 10 years, so where will organisations be by 2029? Will the gap decrease ?

According to Luis Madureira, it will not.

The covid pandemic reinforced and highlighted the need for CI as companies are confused, disoriented and need to make sense of their competitive environment.  

As a consequence of those challenging times, one out of five CEOs has changed jobs and one out of those five has actually being dismissed. The C-suite is looking for something to help them navigate their competitive environment successfully, and this is where competitive intelligence comes into practice.

To watch the full webinar, click here.

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