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A CEO’s Perspective on Intelligence

Keynote session: A CEO’s Perspective on Intelligence

We live in a disruptive age, one of rapidly shifting consumer preferences, incumbents being rendered obsolete by new market entrants, and a volatile global policy environment. Despite these unpredictable forces, shareholders still expect growth.

Therefore, organizations must reassess not just their strategies but also how they develop and test those strategies. It’s an enormous opportunity for strategic, market & CI professionals to leverage their unique skills to de-risk growth, not as report writers, but as Intelligence Strategists.

In this SCIP IntelliCon session, IDEX CEO Andy Silvernail talks about the role of competitive intelligence in supporting key strategic decisions, how CEO’s needs for decision support are evolving, and what the SCIP members can do to help our organizations make decisions to best serve customers.

NOTE – in early 2021, Andy accepted a position as Chairman, President, and CEO of Madison Industries, one of the world’s largest and most successful privately held companies. 

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