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What is Deep Learning?

What is Deep Learning and what makes it so disruptive for the next decade?

During our webinar on “How to harness new technology to improve your competitive monitoring”, our insight expert Shadi, explained what is deep learning, how it works and the impact it can have on CI teams.

Watch the 2 min recap video:

As explained during the session, while traditional softwares are developed and tuned by developer teams, a Deep learning software actually teaches itself from data. 

Today, deep learning is already powering mainstream computing platforms and apps such as TikTok, that uses this technology for video recommendations and is now growing its user base 10x faster than Snapchat.

According to the international benchmark “GLUE”, deep learning allows machines to understand natural language with the same precision as humans. If we take the example of translation tasks, machines are making even fewer mistakes than a real translator.

But what makes it a disruptive technology?

It is the processing capacity of machines that massively outperform humans and without any limits, and this is considering the exponential growth in our capacity to scale computing power to meet our specific needs.

Think about what this would mean for your CI team.

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