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What’s the impact of the global semiconductor shortage on your industry?

Leveraging complex machine learning algorithms, ReportLinker gives exclusive market insights on the semiconductor  industry following the global shortage crisis.

  • Which sectors have been impacted the most by the shortage?
  • How to anticipate the impact of this shortage on your industry moving forward ?

Get all the answers.

The automotive, electronics and consumer electronics are the most impacted industries


The shortage has had a significant knock-on effect across manufacturing, impacting various sectors.Our natural language processing (NLP) algorithm tags the content and companies by industry sector.


Figure 1. Companies in the news related to the semiconductor shortage

Based on ReportLinker’s AI-driven insights, Figure 1 indicates the companies the most affected by the semiconductor crunch,  based on the context in which the companies and sectors were mentioned across publications

We notice that they almost all belong to the automotive, electronics and consumer electronics sectors—General Motors, Toyota, Ford, and Samsung Electronics.

It is also confirmed by the result matches by industry (Figure 2), and by Business Experts opinions spotted in recent news.


Figure 2.  The sectors most impacted by the semiconductor shortage 

Automatize monitoring and stay informed on how your sector is impacted over time


Monitoring your sector and see how it is impacted by the semiconductor shortage

Discovering new insights on an ad hoc basis is essential. However, keeping up with the latest trends and areas of interest requires additional intelligence and resources.

ReportLinker allows you to monitor your industry and your topics of interest with personalized newsletters.(Figure 3)

The platform also alerts you to the latest insights regularly, ensuring you never miss out on relevant  information (see Figure 4).


Figure 3. Newsletter on the semi conductor shortage


Figure 4. Advanced monitoring makes sure you never miss critical information

Estimating the impact on your industry

When analyzing the automotive industry you can filter the search by Content Type (Industry analysts) and Sectors (Electronic Component). Here we find a list of authoritative reports estimating the impact of the shortage and how long it will last.


Another way to find data and estimations is by using the smart insights “Forecast” filter. Here you can access all the experts forecasts on the market for the coming months and years.


According to the latest figures available, we can see that the automotive industry is still impacted. This will continue to be the case until at least 2022 and the sector is forecasted to lose 110 billion in sales in 2021.

The bottom line

As countries open up and the global economy is recovering, the demand for semiconductors will continue to increase. However, based on the current shortage and the contributing factors, the global semiconductor shortage is expected to continue for the foreseeable future with numerous industries being impacted. 

One solution is to increase regional autonomy to protect local manufacturers reliant on a secure semiconductor supply chain. By following Intel’s example and investing heavily, Europe and the U.S. can safeguard themselves against future chip shortages but in the short term the overdepance on East Asia and a few players will continue. Monitoring will be key to understanding what’s coming next in your industry and to make the best decision to remain competitive. 

Pooling vast amounts of information and intelligent, AI-based search tools, ReportLinker delivers up-to-date, in depth insights for better, more informed decision making.

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