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Performance Insights: Measure and track your competitors’ performance

Use ReportLinker's models to uncover & anticipate your competitor’s performance that'll impact your strategic moves.

Tracking competitor performance is important for a company to stay ahead in the competitive market and to gain a better understanding of the industry. It can also provide valuable insights into a company's strategy, help identify its strengths and weaknesses and predict future trends in the industry.

With our models trained to detect Operations Insights such as Company Sales, Company Income, Company Market Share, Client Wins, you’ll be able to:

- Follow your competitor’s sales and income data to evaluate their performance.
- Understand the market dynamics by tracking any new commercial deal and companies market share.
- Be notified of any new strategic insights available.

Performance Insights

Model Description Precision Train Set
Company Sales

Sales data (Revenues, Sales volume, Sales quantity) announcement related to a company such as earning calls, quarterly financial release etc.

Ex: Over the next five to seven years, Unilever intends to make $1.2 billion in revenue from its plant-based meat and dairy alternatives.
96.3% 44,000
Company Income

Income data (EBITDA, earnings, income profit) announcement related to a company.

Ex: The segment reported operating income of $4 million, up from $1 million in the year-ago period, while operating margin expanded 150 basis points to 1.9%.
79% 44,000
Company Market Share

Quantitative data related to one or more company on a market. 

Ex: Monde Nissin's Quorn has a 5% market share in alternative meat in the United States.
86.6% 51,000
Client Wins

New commercial deal concluded between two or more companies. New contract award. New client win.

Ex: In June this year, the company announced a deal with Australia's Flexitarian Foods Pty Ltd, in which Naturally Splendid will become Flexitarian's exclusive manufacturer of an extensive line of plant-based, meat-alternative products for the Canadian market.

96.8% 45,000

We’ve also developed operations insights and strategic insights to help you get a full understanding of your ecosystem.

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