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Smart Insights: avoid blindspots with models trained to detect market and competitive insights.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are empowering intelligence tasks and the way teams come up to speed on industry dynamics, surface actionable insights and anticipate market evolutions.

With Machine Learning models trained to achieve intelligence retrieval tasks at scale, it’s now possible to detect insights with greater accuracy and speed. 

With a broad range of “smart insights” trackers powered by our proprietary AI, teams can now evaluate multiple potential scenarios at speed and rapidly identify and ingest large data sets, to predict industry changes accurately.

With 8 main categories of insights, they can track in real-time the global company's ecosystem:

Market Insights

Model Description Precision Train Set
Market Forecast Forecast data (in volume, value or growth) related to a sector or a market segment. 95.6% 50,000
Market Size Actual market size data (in volume or value) related to a sector or a market segment. 90.2% 50,000
Market Trends Market qualitative information related to a sector current, future or emerging trend. 87.5% 50,000
Market Regulation New policy or change in the legal framework targeting a given sector. 96.25% 5,500

Innovation Insights

Model Description Precision Train Set
Product Launch Product or service launch announcement by a company. 91.9% 35,000
VC Funding Start-up and growth companies funding round announcement (series A, B, C etc.) 98.8% 46,000
Emerging Companies Start-up or new companies, emerging on a market with a new product, new technology or new business model. 90.2% 46,000

Technology Insights

Model Description Precision Train Set
Technology Program Description of a technological program undertaken by a company, a consortium or a research centre. 93.75% 14,000
Technology Achievement Important achievement or milestone announcement in a technology program. 92.5% 15,000
Emerging Technology New technology that emerges or gains traction on a market. 97.5% 14,000

Strategic Insights

Model Description Precision Train Set
Company Strategy Company strategy usually as expressed by its management. 93.5% 46,000
Partnerships Partnership announcement (commercial, technological, etc.) between two or more companies. 90.3% 45,000
M&A M&A announcement between two or more companies. 90.3% 45,000

Operations Insights

Model Description Precision Train Set
New Infrastructure Infrastructure, CAPEX installation or project announcement in a variety of verticals such as industrial, transportation, communications, utilities, energy etc. 94.4% 50,000
Current Infrastructure Company plants currently in operation or offices and stores currently open and owned by the company. 94.4% 50,000
Production Data Quantitative data related to the production activity of a company, expressed in volume or value. 97.5% 51,000

Performance Insights

Model Description Precision Train Set
Company Sales Sales data (Revenues, Sales volume, Sales quantity) announcement related to a company such as earning calls, quarterly financial release etc. 96.3% 44,000
Company Income Income data (EBITDA, earnings, income profit) announcement related to a company. 79.0% 44,000
Company Market Share Quantitative data related to one or more company on a market. 86.6% 51,000
Client Wins New commercial deal concluded between two or more companies. New contract award. New client win. 96.8% 45,000

Country Insights

Model Description Precision Train Set
Economic Analysis Macroeconomic data, encompassing various indicators like GDP, external trade, employment,... 77.4% 50,000
Labour Market Risk Risks of shortage of labor, lack of qualification, mismatch between qualifications and labor market needs that can hamper economic growth as well as labor costs. 97.5% 8,700
Political Instability Political risks that can impact investments in the country or the normal functioning of any economic activity : elections, coups, radical change of policies, referendums, wars, invasions, conflicts, terrorism, embargo,... 98.6 % 8,700
Social Unrest Risk of massive protests that could have an impact on governments and their policies. 92.5% 8,700

ESG Insights

Model Description Precision Train Set
ESG Objectives Goals that a company wants to achieve in an ESG domain (being net-zero, achieving parity,...). 94.8% 8,350
ESG Initiatives Initiatives undertaken by companies to improve their ESG indicators,  either by reducing their environmental impact, improving their social responsibility or increasing the diversity and/or the effectiveness of their governance level. 95.2% 8,350

Upcoming Insights

Model Description Release Date
ESG Results Achievements in an ESG domain Q4 2022

  • Precision: Represents the fraction of detected insight that are relevant to the insight class. A precision of 80% means that among 100 sentences detected as in “Market size” class, 80 were correct
  • Training Set: Is the number of sentences our model has been trained on.

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