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Innovation Insights: Latest business innovations and technology developments

Uncover growth opportunities and safeguard your business against disruption using ReportLinker's Machine Learning models.

Tracking innovation and detecting emerging technologies are key to mitigating risks against your competitors and uncovering new opportunities.

With our models trained to detect insights such as product launches, VC funding and emerging technologies, you'll be empowered to:

- Come up to speed on the latest product or service innovation.
- Anticipate market disruptions to adapt your competitive strategy.
- Identify your competitor's new technology programs and developments.
- Automate the strategic watch with actionable updates.

Innovation Insights

Model Description Precision Train Set
Product Launch

Product or service launch announcement by a company.

Ex: Early this year, the company released nine new products using alternative meat, including a 'tofu tender', with future plans to develop additional food products that use plant-based protein.

91.9% 35,000
VC Funding

Start-up and growth companies funding round announcement (series A, B, C etc.)

Ex : “SaaS Firm Mirakl Nets $555M to Expand eCommerce Offerings”

98.8% 46,000
Emerging Companies

Start-up or new companies, emerging on a market with a new product, new technology or new business model.

Ex: “An aviation startup wants to revolutionize frequent flyer programs by letting travelers earn cryptocurrency simply by flying: Meet FlyCoin”

90.2% 46,000

We’ve also developed market insights and operations insights to help you gather insights on the rapidly evolving dynamics across your target markets.

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