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Market Insights: Come up to speed on any industry dynamics

Leverage ReportLinker's Machine Learning models to avoid missing any critical market insights.

When building an investment strategy or a go-to-market strategy, it is crucial to quickly get the big picture on a market and its evolving dynamics that can be used to inform strategic decisions.

ReportLinker’s machine learning models are trained to detect insights such as market trends, forecasts, regulations and be able to uncover weak signals.

They help companies stay informed about whats happening in their industry, spot emerging tends, and find opportunities to capitalize on developing trends.

It can also help them better understand their competition and anticipate their next moves.

Market Insights

Model Description Precision Train Set
Market Forecast

Forecast data (in volume, value or growth) related to a sector or a market segment.

Ex: “BI projects the alternative meat market to excel in size from $4.2 billion to $74 billion in the next ten years.”

95.6% 50,000
Market Size

Actual market size data (in volume or value) related to a sector or a market segment.

Ex: “With total sales of $2.5 billion and $1.4 billion, respectively, plant-based milk and meat alternatives are the largest segment within the $7 billion plant-based food market.”

90.2% 50,000
Market Trends

Market qualitative information related to a sector current, future or emerging trend.

Ex: “From start-ups to established players, more companies are entering the alternative meat space in Asia, responding to the demands of the region's younger consumers."

87.5% 50,000
Market Regulation

New policy or change in the legal framework targeting a given sector.

Ex:”In 2020, the IMO introduced new regulations requiring ships to use cleaner fuels, intending to reduce annual SO2 emissions by more than 70%."

96.25% 5,500

Innovation insights and operations insights are also available to help you gather insights on the latest innovation and technology developments across your ecosystem.

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