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Operations Insights: Monitor any of your competitors' moves

Use ReportLinker's models to uncover & anticipate your competitor’s strategic initiatives and remain competitive.

To stay ahead of your competition, it is critical to be able to uncover existing strategic initiatives and anticipate forthcoming actions, on top of tracking and monitoring competitors' current moves.

With our models trained to detect Operations Insights such as New Infrastructure, Current Infrastructure, Production Data, you’ll be able to:

- Spot competitors’ operations in your target market.
- Automate the tracking and monitoring of your competitor’s activities.
- Keep stakeholders always informed about the latest trends, threats and opportunities.

Operations Insights

Model Description Precision Train Set
New Infrastructure

Infrastructure, CAPEX installation or project announcement in a large variety of verticals.

Ex: Midsona decided on a strategic investment at the Company’s production unit in Castellcir, Spain. The investment aims to strengthen the business in plant-based meat alternatives by increasing production capacity and broadening the product range.
94.4% 50,000
Current Infrastructure

Company plants currently in operation or offices and stores currently open and owned by the company.

Ex:Today, Nestlé operates 25 Food & Beverage factories across the 19 countries of the region
94.4% 50,000
Production Data

Quantitative data related to the production activity of a company expressed in volume or value.

Ex: The facility has an annual production capacity of 8,000 MT. The expansion is to capture the growing niche demand for alternative meat.
97.5% 51,000
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