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Technology Insights: Stay current with Emerging Technologies in any sector

Adopt Machine Learning models to detect and monitor emerging technologies that'll impact your business and industry.

Whether it is positive or negative, the impact of emerging technologies in any industry is ever-lasting.

Make use of our machine learning models trained to detect any technology programs, achievements and emerging technologies to be able to:

- Track your competitors' latest tech developments
- Anticipate threats and opportunities for your business
- Gain proactive insights by automating strategic watch.

Technology Insights

Model Description Precision Train Set
Technology  Program

Description of a technological program undertaken by a company, a consortium or a research centre.

Ex:”Welsh marine energy company Marine Power Systems (MPS) has launched a research project, in collaboration with the Swansea University, to help understand the whole life costs and recyclability of its marine energy technology.”

93.75% 14,000
Technology Achievement

Important achievement or milestone announcement in a technology program.

Ex:Yokohama has announced that it has successfully developed technology that enables AI to predict the physical properties of different rubber compounds.

92.5% 15,000
Emerging Technology

New technology that emerges or gains traction on a market.

Ex: Digital audio processor has a great potential to expand in the global market on the back of emerging audio technologies in entertainment and media industry.

97.5% 14,000

To help you gather insights on the rapidly evolving dynamics across your target markets, you can also check our innovation insights and operations insights.

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